We love creating with clean organic ingredients

We love creating with clean organic ingredients

Our promise is to always use certified organic, ethically sourced clean ingredients wherever possible.

We take pride in using these ingredients and think it's important to showcase the reasons why.

Viberi Blackcurrant

NZ Blackcurrants have been shown to contain higher levels of anthocyanins (a polyphenolic compound with antioxidant effects) than blackcurrants grown elsewhere in the world.

Blackcurrant bushes grown without pesticides have lower yields but have been shown to contain higher levels of Vitamin C. ViBERi freeze dried organic blackcurrants are bursting with goodness and are a natural source of Vitamin C and anthocyanins. These crispy and delightful berries retain their shape, colour and nutritional values through an innovative freeze-drying process. No sugars, sweeteners or preservatives are used!

Australian Buderim Ginger

We lovingly crystallize this treat with Erythritol & Monk juice making it perfect for baking, chutneys, salsas or straight from the packet.

Australian Navel Orange Chips

Our chips are whole oranges sliced & dehydrated-this enables us maximum flavour without excessive carbs!

Australian Roast Almond Butter
An Excellent source of vitamin E, Magnesium, Copper, Vitamin B2, phosphorous & monounsaturated fat.

Organic Grass-Fed Butter

At Essentially Keto we are passionate about our Fats! And not all butter is created equal! Sourced locally from Victorian Farms, this Grass-fed butter is higher in Omega -3s, CLA, Beta-carotene, vitamins A, K, D & E & it tastes AMAZING!!

Organic Raw Cacao

Cacao is the hero ingredient in most of our products, Its astounding nutritional profile minerals, polyphenols, with enzymes for days!!! It’s enough to win this accolade! However, it’s mood enhancing properties are what we really covet, we all love chocolate!!! Our Cacao is specialty sourced from the Dominican Republic known for its favorable climate & superior organic farming practices - full traceability from soil to market!


Our Erythritol is non-GMO and the best quality we could find. It’s not known to spike your blood sugar & be gentle on your gut Biome.

Monk Juice Extract

Monk fruit is also known by its Chinese name “luo han guo”. Monk fruit has been cultivated in Southern China for centuries where it is consumed as an everyday food and used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Monk fruit is rich in amino acids, vitamin C, and beneficial trace elements. Super sweet & citrusy, perfect for a low carb lifestyle

Ceremonial Grade Organic Matcha

At Essentially Keto we love the Zen Focus that Matcha delivers. Ours is a high grade Matcha harvested in UJI Kyoto a vibrant green silky sweet powder, yum!! None of the bitter characteristics that Matcha is sometimes known for!

Roasted Almond

Australian roast almond butter is an excellent source of vitamin E, Magnesium, Copper, vitamin b2, phosphorous & monounsaturated Fat.

Hazelnut & Cashew butter

Hazelnuts are of our favourite nuts because they are low in carbs, high in good fats, calcium as well as

vitamins B & E. And the cashews add a little extra creaminess.

Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is easily digested, it gets sent directly to your liver where it is immediately converted into energy rather than being stored as fat! Efficiently converted into Ketones which are an excellent mitochondrial fuel. All our Coconut products are sourced from a company that has won numerous ethical & sustainable awards.

Organic Coconut Butter

Is 100% creamed coconut flesh, a rich source of Medium chain Triglycerides & dietary fibre.

Lemon Oil, Orange oil, Hazelnut oil & Mint oil                                          

Cold pressed essential oils are our preferred flavourings as they are generally intense, nutritious & real!

Stevia Leaf Extract

It is super sweet and is an all-natural sweetener.

Caramel Oil

Caramel is one of the hardest flavours to achieve naturally. We found an amazing company that distils burnt apples to achieve the flavour we are known for.

Ground Vanilla Bean Extract                                                

Our extract is ground from whole vanilla beans ensuring a true natural vanilla flavour.                                    

Australian Grass-Fed Beef Gelatin

Our locally source grass-fed beef gelatin is Certified Halal

Flow, Reishi, Polygala & Pearl Powder

Our friends at Teelixar created this secret formula for us, and WOW! The synergy of these ingredients is utterly amazing.

Cayenne Pepper

Helps make everything bio-available with just a hint of spice!


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