Mushroom Love

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Now available in exclusive dozen packs. They literally get cheaper by the dozen!
Create your own custom dozen of our Fat Drop flavours with our designer dozens

Fat Drops are Essentially Keto's take on the Bulletproof Coffee. With a base of organic grass-fed butter, organic coconut oil and organic coconut paste, we've created 6 luscious flavours that you can blend in your favourite hot drink or eat straight from the individually wrapped packet.

Get the focus of a Zen master with this amazing mushroom mix of reishi and polygala, which is elevated further with the addition of pearl powder and the boldness of cayenne pepper.

Here’s how to ‘Eat Me or Blend Me’

Easy Instructions

  1. Grab your blender
  2. Add a Fat Drop
  3. Add a cup of hot coffee or tea
  4. Blend for 5-10 seconds
  5. ENJOY!

Easier Instructions

  1. Open a Fat Drop
  2. Eat it and ENJOY!

Ingredients: Organic Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut Butter, Erythritol, Grass-Fed Beef Gelatin, Filtered Water, Organic Cacao, Reishi, Polygala, Pearl Powder, Himalayan Salt, Stevia, Cayenne Pepper.

Please Note: This product may melt during transit. Don't worry, just pop it in the fridge or freezer to firm up. Alternatively, if you live in selected metro areas you will be able to select to have your order delivered via a refrigerated service. Refunds won’t be offered in the event that products arrive melted.