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 Game Changers With Sarah Harris: Meet The Chef Making Weight-Loss Easy

Sarah Harris, Studio Ten Host, August 19th,2017

"Former private chef Edit Whitelaw had battled unsuccessfully to keep her weight in check for more than 30 years.

The 157cm self-confessed sugar addict had tried everything in that time, from diet pills to the protein-fuelled Atkins diet, all to no avail.

The turning point finally came last year after reading about the remarkable body transformation of Silicon Valley multimillionaire Dave Asprey in his best-selling book The Bulletproof Diet.

In the latest episode of our Game Changers video and podcast series, Edit tells host Sarah Harris that she discovered the life-changing benefits of a ketogenic diet..."  more


Essentially Keto Ketogenic Energy Bars Reviews

"Our verdict"

It tastes like you are eating clean food but, at the same time, it is also indulgent. It really messed with my head for a bit because how can something so natural be so decadent-tasting? My only niggle is that it’s too small – which I quickly realised was designed that way so it’s enough to scratch that sweet craving but not over indulge. Fair enough. But I still wanted more."  


"Shopaholic Test Drives The Latest Socially Aware Products"

Founders Edit Whitelaw and Cam Burns, friends of 10 years, have set out to fill the void in the Australian market for high-fat low-carb snacks.  Yes, I said high-fat!
The genius behind the delicious recipes, Edit, is a private chef to one of Australia’s high profile millionaires.  Her delicious blends are more like wizardry than recipes.
Imagine an eating program where you are never hungry, losing fat, eating delicious food including chocolatey energy bars and feeling fabulous.  Welcome to the Essentially Keto way of eating.
The diet industry programmed me well to believe fats were my enemy and I should be eating the leanest, low calorie diet.
Well, that was until I met the gorgeous dream team from Essentially Keto.  This dynamic duo has made making the move to a Keto diet a joy.  The beauty is that this program includes many of those foods you thought you would never eat again.
When I first heard that I would be off carbohydrates and sugars I was sceptical and a little panicked.  Their Ketogenic Energy Bars are the reason I am not suffering through the cravings I have experienced on other diets.  They are made with fabulous ingredients, taste sweet and chocolatey (cacao based) so of course there’s no feeling of missing out.  The hit from smart fats will satiate and energise.  “Chew the fat” today and see why everyone is talking about Essentially Keto.  The bars are lovingly made with only the best organic ingredients.
The best thing is they are easy to pop in your bag for energy on the run.
Test drive results: I have been eating Essentially Keto for a week and have lost five kilos.  It has been the most enjoyable diet I have ever been on.  I’m looking forward to the next five kilos melting away.
Start with a delicious starter pack to decide which are your favourites.  Perhaps I am greedy but I love them all.
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