About Us

Essentially Keto is an established highly regarded Melbourne based ketogenic food manufacturer committed to making low-carb living more convenient and delicious. 

Founder Edit Whitelaw has set out to fill the void in the Australian market for high-fat low-carb snacks.

Our first product - Ketogenic Energy bars - have been a key recipe in our lifestyle transitions and we'd love to share our stories with you.


It all started on my first birthday. My mother's Eastern European desire to show love with food- an entire, full sized, chocolate cake- presented to me on my high chair. I didn’t consume a lot of food as a child according to her, however sugar was my nemesis – I would sneak cake, lollies, biscuits etc. 

Fast forward to 25 years of age and 100 kilos on a 5’2” frame.  The mid-eighties – when the low fat craze was in full swing and Jane Fonda in her workout videos in the impossibly toned body.  I wanted that! I went to my doctor and left with the "Magic Diet Pills" of the time.  Six months of eating nothing but an apple a day, bowl of cauliflower and ice cream.  I was transformed to a svelte 52kg – ½ my body weight – yay I felt great!!!

Speed up to 30 odd years later.  A lifetime of yo-yo dieting and fear of gaining all the weight back resulted in an eating disorder.  10kg up; 10kg down.  I tried it all!  Vegan, raw, low-carb, protein only, Dukan and the latest: Paleo.  All the while holding down a job as a chef – the ultimate love/hate relationship!!!

I reasoned that the consistent all day grazing, tasting all the heavenly morsels I was creating, was better for me and my metabolism than eating platefuls of food – The afternoon crashes, the resultant bingeing, the never ever feeling satiated, knowing intellectually that I shouldn’t be hungry – however never feeling it physically, I was always hungry!!!

Then Eureka! David Asprey’s book “The Bulletproof Diet” was the beginning of this amazing transformative journey – I inhaled that book!  For the first time since Atkins someone was talking sense!   

By now, I was not eating sugar and I had most definitely upped my fats.  Not hard, as I have always craved fat and after the Atkins revolution – never dropped that part of my diet.  However I was eating way too many starchy vegetables.

After Asprey, I stumbled on Jimmy Moore’s “Keto Clarity”.  Skip ahead a year and 10 kilos lighter, an old ankle injury repaired, inflammation non-existant, an incredible feeling of wellbeing and most of all: FREEDOM from constant cravings (isn’t that a song?)

I won’t lie, in the beginning getting enough fat into me was a struggle and not having treats was hard from an emotional perspective.

I started making fat bombs for myself and the classic story.  My non-Keto friends were saying “OMG! These are delicious – are you sure they are good for me?” – Yeah, only if you cut out the crappy garbage and use these little puppies to help you on the journey.

Watch this space and grow with us on this epic journey!